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Sustainability is in Style: The Hidden Cost of High Fashion

Today, there’s a major shift taking place within the fashion industry. The verdict? Sustainability is in style. From boutiques to major retailers, fashion leaders worldwide are beginning to realize the importance of sustainable clothing production throughout every phase of the production cycle. As the ‘hidden cost’ of high fashion is revealed, activists and everyday consumers alike are considering more than just what they see in the mirror or on the price tag; they’re looking at the manufacturing process too.

The Truth About the Process Behind the Products

In the midst of the information age, increased global awareness thanks to social media, widespread internet access, and improved recording technology keeps clothing manufacturers accountable. Although profit maximizing brands using ‘fast fashion’ are driving down prices, they drive up pollution in the process.

Irresponsible clothing manufacturers take shortcuts throughout the entire production process. They decimate natural resources through harmful sourcing techniques, pollute lakes, rivers, and oceans with toxic byproducts, and saturate landfills with harmful pollutants through the disposal process. In turn, their cumulative efforts are incredibly harmful to the environment. That’s why sustainable manufacturing within the fashion industry is paramount.

Style Starts with Sustainability

Sustainable manufacturing comes in many different forms. Oversight over manufactures ensures that textile byproducts are properly disposed of. Smaller batches prevent harmful waste that ends up in landfills. Careful material selection means choosing fibers and substances that limit soil erosion, resource depletion,and water overuse.

Now more than ever, responsible consumers are checking the price tag for more than just savings: they’re looking for a seal of certified sustainability. In doing so, they’re looking out for the health and safety of generations to come.

The L. A. Rag Maker Difference

Overall, what goes in matters as much as what comes out. Beautiful clothing is about more than mere aesthetics. True beauty is within. At L.A. Rag Maker, we believe in the importance of sustainable fashion. That’s why we use eco-friendly best practices within everything we create. Read our services page to learn more. Together, we can use sustainable fashion to make a difference.