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L.A. Rag Maker Stands for Change: Supporting Critical Causes in Los Angeles County

At L.A. Rag Maker, our passion for grilling and bringing people together around delicious food is matched only by our commitment to making a difference in our community. It's disheartening to see the rising numbers of individuals facing homelessness and poverty in Los Angeles County, especially considering the profound impact it has on mental health and education. As of recent figures, over 75,000 people are struggling to find shelter in Los Angeles County, representing a 9% increase since 2022. Among them, many are battling mental illness, their hardships intensified by the stress and uncertainty of not having a place to call home. Acknowledging the urgency of these challenges, L.A. Rag Maker proudly stands in solidarity with two remarkable organizations leading the charge for change: NAMI GLAC and United Way.

NAMI GLAC: Elevating Wellness and Equality

NAMI GLAC stands as a beacon of hope, composed of grassroots-based chapters dedicated to promoting wellness, recovery, equality, and dignity for individuals and families affected by mental illness. Their initiatives extend beyond providing support; they strive to foster a community where mental health is understood, embraced, and prioritized.

United Way of Greater Los Angeles: Transforming Lives, Empowering Communities

With staggering numbers highlighting the extent of poverty and educational disparities, United Way is at the forefront of effecting change. Their commitment to addressing homelessness, poverty, and educational deficiencies in Los Angeles County is unwavering. They are dedicated to ensuring that individuals and families have access to fundamental resources necessary for a dignified life.

Join Us in Making an Impact

L.A. Rag Maker recognizes the crucial role these organizations play in uplifting our community. We invite you to stand beside us in supporting NAMI GLAC and United Way as they work tirelessly to create a better tomorrow for those in need.

How You Can Help

Your Contribution, no matter the size, can create a ripple of change. Consider donating to NAMI GLAC and United Way to support their initiatives aimed at tackling homelessness, poverty, mental health challenges, and educational disparities in Los Angeles County.

Donate Now:

Together, let’s ignite a spark of hope, create meaningful change, and make a tangible difference in the lives of our neighbors. Thank you for joining L.A. Rag Maker in this mission to build a brighter, more inclusive future for all. At L.A. Rag Maker, we firmly believe that through collective action and support, we can transform communities and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Join us in championing these vital causes and let's make a meaningful impact together!